The Briar Hill Project

Finished basements are a fantastic way to add useable square footage to your home while also greatly increasing the value of your property.

With this project, we came into an already finished basement, however our client was looking to transform the powder room into a full three piece bathroom. We could have kept the size of the bathroom as it was but our client’s vision was clear and we were really excited to turn it into a reality. With a basic storage room behind the existing bathroom, we were able to remove that partition wall and steal some space from there and push the bathroom further back to make room for the new large and spacious shower area. After all of the demolition was completed, we needed to dig beneath the concrete to add in the new shower pan drain. This process took some extra caution on our part as we were dealing with existing in floor heating within the concrete.

Once the new plumbing was competed, we backfilled and laid some new concrete. In the shower area, we poured a layer of self levelling cement to give our prefabricated shower pan a nice and level platform to sit on. We were able to give our client a curbless system which isn’t seen very often in basement bathrooms.

With the concrete floor finalized, framing complete and drywall installed, we were ready for our finishes. A full mosaic floor and wall to wall penny tile wrapping around the whole bathroom gets installed. The sink received a full floor to ceiling smoked mirror along with a matching matte black finished trap which gave it a great exposed finished look. We installed a full length shower niche with a black marble stone. The shower was finished off with more matte black fixtures as well as the fixed black framed shower glass with a door excluded creating a nice big open look.

After the bathroom was all wrapped up, we focused our attention to the main floor area of the basement and the stairs. The existing floor was fully carpeted and our client wanted to go with a cleaner hardwood finish. We quickly ripped out all the carpet and underpad, exposing the concrete. Next we installed a Dri-core subfloor system. This system is great for any finished basement for a multitude of reasons. They offer an air barrier between your finished floor and concrete which keeps your floors warmer and also protects them from water. In most instances, basements aren’t also level and even which was the case here. The subfloor gave a nice even platform to secure the new hardwood flooring to.

Once all the flooring was finished, we turned to the stairs. We capped the existing treads with new oak pieces and also installed new risers. Finally, we stained the treads to match the new hardwood and painted the risers and stringers with a satin black finish. The existing railing will remain for the time being to give our client some time to debate on which type of new system they would like to go with.

All in all the Briar Hill project gave this basement a major facelift and much needed full bathroom. We’re incredibly happy with all the finishes here and more importantly, so is our client!


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