The Allingham Gardens Project

A lot of older Toronto homes have confined, tight bathroom spaces and our latest project was no different. Originally this bathroom had the entrance from a separate bedroom which also had two closets, one for clothing and another as a linen closet, all along the same wall. We eliminated all three doors on that wall and had it fully enclosed, moving the entry for the bathroom into the shared hallway area outside of the bedroom. The original two closets were deleted and the space from those was transferred into the new bathroom.

Once demolition was completed, we moved onto setting up the new layout. With the previous bathroom having a stand up shower where our new entry was going to be, we had to reroute the plumbing to accommodate the relocation of the new tub. The toilet remained in the same location and we moved the vanity over a few inches to give additional, equal space to each side of the toilet. Once all the new plumbing was finalized, as always, we pressure test the tub to ensure there are no leaks along with the rest of the newly installed water lines. With no leaks present, we’re now able to move forward and close up the walls, getting ready for tape and plaster.

For the shower tile, our client went with a clean white, large sized subway tile with chrome fixtures and a nicely contrasting dark grey 12″ x 24″ tile on the floor. With a light grey paint colour, the bathroom flowed quite nicely from floor to ceiling. The vanity and medicine cabinet were reused from the previous bathroom since they were already new and up to date. We added some custom built in shelving in the back corner to utilize the empty space allowing for additional storage for any toiletries, linens, etc.

This space was completely transformed from a very small and cramped bathroom to a larger, more modern and family friendly version for everyone to be able to use. Even though this was a fairly small space, a lot of work went into the removal and set up of the new layout.

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