The Castle Knock Project

Creating usable space in your basement is great way to not only increase the value of your home, but also increase the value in your way of living. Giving yourself a full additional bathroom space can be a tremendous relief on a growing family. Take a look in how we were able to transform this basement space entirely by not only creating a new bathroom, but tying it in with a new laundry and creating a whole new finished space as well.

Before we came into our Castle Knock Project, his basement had a rather large furnace room, an unfinished laundry room, and a tight back storage area. The design concept was to unify the new three piece bathroom, the laundry room and the furnace room into one area, isolating each. We enclosed the unfinished furnace room entirely so the home owners can still have an area for storage, this also allowed us to keep all the mechanical pieces out of the finished space.

Since this space was completely brand new, we needed to install all new drainage under the concrete. New drain pipes were installed for the shower, vanity, toilet, washer and laundry sink. With five new drainage pipes installed, we were able to back fill and lay some concrete. From here, we moved onto finalizing the rest of the plumbing with all the hot and cold water lines. Next, we framed up our walls and door, then closed everything up with new drywall.

With all of the new plumbing and electrical finished up, we were able to focus on the finishings. First we laid down a grey, stacked pattern 12 x 24 tile throughout with a pure white 12 x 24 tile in the shower area. Once we installed the trim and painted, we were able to install the vanity and toilet along with all the laundry appliances.

The new bathroom and laundry area now being complete, we focused back into the original laundry room. Previously, this space was completely unfinished and we were going to install new laminate flooring throughout. The room had a big slope into a drain so we needed to level out the space with a self levelling material to ensure the new flooring material would install correctly on an even base. Once the flooring was installed, we put in new trim, built a new electrical panel and gave it a new coat of paint. This space is now completely usable for anything the home owner would like to do.

Along with giving the rest of the basement a facelift with paint throughout, we were able to completely transform this entire basement into an efficient space from front to back. While being able to maintain plenty of storage space, we also provided new livable and usable space giving the homeowners added square footage to their property and increasing the overall value of their home.

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