A Backyard Transformation

When you own a piece of property, maximizing your living space is always a great thing to do. But why stop indoors? Outdoor living space is a fantastic way to enjoy great weather while still being in the comfort of your own home.

In our latest project, we gave our client a much needed backyard overhaul. With a spacious new deck, updated patio stone and a maintenance free artificial turf, this entire backyard space has been rejuvenated into a beautiful new area for our client to enjoy this summer and many more to follow.

Before we got on site, grass had a difficult time growing, a small and old deck was very underwhelming and the patio had hit its expiry. Demolition was fairly simple since the canvas was already pretty blank. We were able to get our footings dug out and poured quickly, the old patio stones removed with a new retaining wall prepped and installed. Once city inspection for the deck footings were approved, we were able to move onto the installation of the deck’s structure while the rest of the landscaping was being prepared for the artificial turf. The underside of the deck was laid with river rock which we left open so our client could still use the area for basic storage.

Once the deck structure was completed we moved onto getting all the railing posts installed securely, ensuring they were all plumb and level. Next came the deck board installation along with a minor skirting we included to give a cleaner finish. Finally, we installed a black aluminum picket railing system rather than the generic 2×2 cedar pickets. Aside from a much better aesthetic finish, it also gives a more open and airy feel.

With the deck all wrapped up, new patio stone was laid, the new turf could be installed, and all the finer details could be finished so the homeowner could finally enjoy the summer with their brand new backyard oasis.

With just minor changes, this backyard received an incredible makeover and looks entirely different from before. It’s now actually a “useful” space and visually appealing. Not to mention, a major boost to the property value. This project was a pleasure to be apart of and we can’t wait for our client to enjoy this backyard for many years to come!

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